World’s Greatest Employees in the World

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Yesterday Chris Toenes emailed everyone with our results for the State Employees Combined Campaign.   You did great!  The participation rate for the School exceeded the campus goal by a wide margin—50% compared to the goal of 30%.  That was wonderful.  It is truly impressive that our donations totaled $21,083,  which was the third highest total on campus.  The two units ahead of us were Kenan-Flagler Business School and Information Technology.  As Chris pointed out, those departments are much larger than the School.  The overwhelming majority of the other units that finished behind us also are much larger.  For example, Public Health, Medicine, and Journalism & Mass Communication have tons of employees.

I know, I know.  This is not a competition and  I am not saying that we are better than those other folks (that’s a topic for another post).  I just wanted to provide some context for how generous you were in this campaign.  I was not surprised.  It is entirely consistent with everything I know about you.  People work at the School because they identify with our mission of service to others.  People demonstrate their commitment to service every day in their interactions with our clients and with each other.  People are generous with their time and with their talent.  It is not surprising that your commitment and generosity also translated into strong participation in the SECC.

Every good team needs leadership, and we had very good leadership for the SECC.  In addition to Chris, the team included Susan Williams and Bill Rivenbark.  Many thanks to them for their willingness to provide the necessary encouragement and support.  Chris said it beautifully in his email: “Thank you all for promoting positive change in our community and our state, and helping to turn lives around.”  Exactly.

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