Strategic Planning Implementation Update

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You will find a document in your mail box that gives you an update on the progress we have made in our strategic planning implementation, and it also shows what we have left to do.  For each of our strategic priorities, the document shows our objectives, the actions taken so far, and some of the steps required to complete the implementation.  A number of our priorities are fully implemented, which is great, and we have made significant progress on our other priorities, including the more complex ones.

A number of our strategic priorities will be implemented over a longer time frame.   For example, the Applied Public Policy Assistance Network  (APPAN) is being rolled out more gradually than originally planned.  Partly because we don’t have money to hire the proposed professional staff, and partly because it seems prudent not to announce a major policy initiative in the current political and budget climate.   Aimee Wall is directing APPAN on a part-time basis and acts as a liaison for policymakers who want the School’s assistance.  Her experience and the relationships she is developing will be important when the budget dust settles and we identify private funding or allocate some of our own resources to hire staff for APPAN.  Like some of our other priorities, including the Information Resources Project, APPAN will be developed and refined over time.

We are nearing the end of this round of strategic planning and I will give you a final update later this spring.  In addition, I will work with the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) to develop a clear description of the strategic planning process that the School will use in future rounds.  It will be drawn from the process that has evolved with lots of twists and turns over the last couple of years, and we will find ways to evaluate and improve on it.  I have asked Maggie and Betsy with Mulberry Partners to help pull it all together.

The DAC has served as the de facto strategic planning committee, but its original charge also included providing advice to me on a broader range of issues.  I will consult with the members of the DAC to assess how it is working and how it might be improved, and then I will let some people leave and invite others to join the committee.  The idea always has been that the membership will change on a regular basis, but I have not wanted to make changes in the midst of our strategic planning.  It felt like continuity was important.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard, and for so long, on this round of our strategic planning.  Special thanks to the DAC.  It feels good to see so many ideas being put into action.

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