Strategic Planning Implementation: Public Policy

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The Dean’s Advisory Committee met last Wednesday morning to begin hearing updates from the various implementation committees.

Collaborative Work Environment (Greg Allison and Cindy Lee, Co-Chairs)

Information Resources (Todd Nicolet, Chair)

Grants Infrastructure (Brad Volk, Chair)

Public Policy (Aimee Wall and John Rubin, Co-Chairs)

Strategic Public Leadership (Lydian Altman and Gordon Whitaker, Co-Chairs)

Here is an earlier post that includes the members of each committee.  I have wanted to give the committees time to get started on their work before asking for progress reports.  They have been working hard and it was exciting to hear what they have been doing.  I will summarize their reports in a series of posts.  We heard from three of the committees last week and will hear from the other two at our next meeting.

Public Policy. Aimee Wall and John Rubin reported for the committee.  Two subcommittees are focusing on overlapping areas and right now they are in the process of collecting data.  The first subcommittee is surveying a wide range of stakeholders about their interest in getting legislative and other kinds of policy information.  The survey also will ask whether and how those interests are being met now.  They will not just be asking about the work of the Legislative Reporting Service.  The subcommittee will use the survey results and other data to determine if we want to be involved in providing legislative and policy information in the future—either through The Daily Bulletin as it currently exists or as it might be modified.

The second subcommittee is looking at what the School already is doing in the area of public policy assistance, broadly defined.  This will include identifying problems that we have encountered in doing work for policymakers, the infrastructure required to do more, and any other resources that may be needed.  They will be sending a survey to lots of you in the building, so please help them out by responding.  The committee has not defined precisely what we mean by “public policy,” but they expect our particular focus to emerge from the data and their analysis.

Members of the DAC offered helpful feedback, including the need to look at what is being done by Carolina’s Department of Public Policy. The committee hopes to discuss their preliminary recommendations in May for increasing our profile and assistance with the General Assembly.  This will include a business plan that addresses administrative infrastructure and funding.  The committee will work over the longer term on how we might connect other Carolina faculty members with North Carolina policymakers.

If Aimee, John or members of the DAC want to clarify or expand on this summary, I encourage you to post a comment.  Of course we are interested in feedback from anyone else if you are willing to share it.

1 thought on “Strategic Planning Implementation: Public Policy

  1. Sounds like a strong start.

    As the committee looks at what UNC is already doing regarding public policy, I expect it would be helpful to look not only at the Department of Public Policy, but also at policy work for NC state and local governments being done by City and Regional Planning (and CURS) and by the schools of business, public health, and social work. Each of these has well-established programs of policy research and on-going relationships with particular state agencies.

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