Strategic Planning Implementation Committees

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puzzle2Thanks to everyone for volunteering to be involved in implementing our strategic planning priorities.  The response was terrific and it prompted me to make the committees much larger that I originally had envisioned.  It may make the process slightly more cumbersome, especially for the committee chairs, but I believe there are advantages to having larger committees—more energy and ideas going forward, and larger working groups should create momentum in implementing the initiatives.  One consequence of large committees is that there will not be perfect attendance at each meeting—we just need to acknowledge that from the outset and find ways to keep everyone on the committee informed and involved.

I’m working on the charges for each committee and I plan to attend the first meeting of each one.  My plan is to check in regularly with the chairs, possibly meet with them as a group if that makes sense, and do whatever they think will be helpful in supporting their work.  Beth will take responsibility for scheduling the first meeting of each group, but then you are on your own for scheduling.

There is not a committee listed for the ethics education initiative because it already is moving forward through Fleming Bell, Eileen Youens, Norma Houston, Brian Newport, Brad Volk, Gini Hamilton, Frayda Bluestein, and others.  The streamlined curriculum in local government budget, finance, and taxation also is being planned by Bill Rivenbark, Kara Millonzi, Greg Allison, Jeff Hughes, Karl Smith, Chris McLaughlin, Ken Joyner, and Eileen Youens.  I will decide on the leadership for the Strategic Public Leadership Committee after consulting with a couple of folks.

Here are the other implementation committees.

Public Policy                                                  Information Resources

Aimee Wall (Co-Chair)                                   Todd Nicolet (Chair)

John Rubin (Co-Chair)                                    Jeff Welty

Norma Houston                                              Glenn Barnes

Christine Wunsche                                          Shadi Eskaf

Jennifer Henderson                                         John Stephens

Bob Joyce                                                      Dave Owens

Tyler Mulligan                                                 Kevin Justice

Jessie Smith                                                    Georgia Allen

Paul Caldwell                                                  Eileen Youens

Shea Denning                                                  Dale Roenigk

Richard Whisnant                                            Carrie Holbert

Ann Simpson                                                  Alex Hess

Karl Smith                                                      Jamie Markham

Maureen Berner                                              Katrina Hunt

Carl Stenberg                                                  Ellen Bradley

Jim Drennan                                                    Angela Williams

                                                                       Julie Segar


Strategic Public Leadership                         Grant Infrastructure

Gordon Whitaker                                            Brad Volk (Chair)

Lydian Altman                                                 Susan Williams

Shannon Tufts                                                  Kelley O’Brien

Rick Morse                                                      Jeff Hughes

David Ammons                                                Will Lambe

Lydian Altman                                                  Tom Thornburg

Gordon Whitaker                                           

Margaret Henderson                                      

Gini Hamilton

Jonathan Morgan



Collaboration/Inclusive Environment

Greg Allison (Co-Chair)                                                        

Cindy Lee (Co-Chair)                                                            

Alyson Grine

Willow Jacobson

Carolyn Boggs

Brian Newport

Laurie Mesibov

Rich Ducker

Susan Austin

Cate Cunningham

Bonni Baird

Anna Terry

Sejal Zota

Boriana Ditcheva

Audrey Williams

Amy Huffman

Chris McLaughlin

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