Steve Jobs, Commencement and Effective Presentations

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This is commencement season, which means that graduates all across the country are being tortured with mediocre speeches.  It is part of the rite of passage.  I thought that Archbishop Tutu’s speech on Sunday was better than average, mostly because of his sense of humor and the simplicity of his message.  The commencement address is a difficult assignment.  I subscribe to a blog called Power Presentations and today it used a 2005 commencement address by Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation) to illustrate the basic elements of an effective presentation.  I pass along the blog post because the advice seems relevant to many of our presentations at the School.  The summary of the short address is good, but the speech by Steve Jobs is first rate and worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, Commencement and Effective Presentations

  1. It is an excellent speech. is another great website for presentations. The tag line is “riveting talks by remarkable people free to the world.”

    1. I learned about the TED blog six months ago from a friend who attends the conference every year. It is incredibly expensive and it must be a lot of information to take in all at one time. I sort of enjoy the chance to see the presentations later and focus on each one. I think their tag line generally is accurate.

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