State Empoyees Combined Campaign: 100% Goal

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This year’s State Employees Combined Campaign is underway.  You already should have received information from our team captains—Bill Rivenbark, Chris Toenes, and Susan Williams.  Many thanks to them for taking on this responsibility.

Carolina’s goal for the campaign this year is not tied to a particular dollar amount.  Instead, the goal is 100% participation without regard to the amount contributed.  We definitely should be able to meet that goal at the School.  If you want to support the campaign with an undesignated gift, then there is no minimum amount.  If you wish to designate your pledge for a particular purpose, the minimum contribution is $10 per year, per agency.  The minimum annual contribution for payroll deduction is $60—a minimum of $5 per month.

Take a look at the brochure listing the organizations that may be supported through your contributions to the campaign.  There is bound to be a cause on the list that touches your heart.  Want to help children?  Want to fight a disease?  How about protecting the environment?  Want to support the arts?  The organizations included in the brochure are working hard to address important causes in communities across North Carolina and the world.  Nearly all of them have been hit hard by the recession, and they need our help more than ever.

The School is off to a great start.  The School of Medicine and Information Technology Services—two large organizations—are the only units on campus to give more than the School during the campaign’s first week.  Our culture is all about helping people, and so I am not surprised to see such a spirit of generosity.  Good job.

You don’t have to be Bill Gates to be a philanthropist.  He has more money, but cumulatively we can make a difference.  The goal for the School is 100% participation and it would be great to reach it.  I know that many people give generously in many different ways.  I encourage you to also consider participating in this year’s SECCs campaign—even if it means giving just one dollar.  Seriously.  I greatly appreciate your willingness to consider a gift.


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