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Our staff appreciation awards luncheon will be held this Monday, March 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the dining room.  Once again we will give out the Performance Excellence Awards, Extra Mile Awards, and Star Heel Awards.  Thank you for taking the time to nominate one or more of your colleagues.  We had many wonderful nominations and the recipients are very deserving.  The committee had a difficult job and I appreciate their willingness to make the hard choices: Susan Austin, Becky Carter, Kendra Cotton, Kevin Justice, Random Gott, Jill Moore, Rick Morse, Anna Terry, Meredith Wales, and Tom Thornburg.  Special thanks to them.

Tom chairs the group and he passed along the following comments from some of the award nominations.  I read them quickly and assumed that these were drawn from people who will be receiving awards.  Instead, it turns out that the following comments are taken from nominations for folks who were not the final recipients this year.  These passages just prove that our staff is excellent and that all of them deserve to be honored.  Take a look at these comments and you will see what I mean.

“The little things make the biggest difference, and knowing that I have someone who I can consistently count on for help, even when his schedule is as busy as mine, makes it so that I can perform at my best.  Without him and his positive attitude, the School would be a darker and less happy place.”

“goes out of his way to help everyone in the building and has shown time and time again that he is willing to go the extra mile for the School.”

“does his work without complaint and is always there to lend a helping hand.”

“And it’s not just that she does this work, she does it with a positive attitude and good cheer.  Even when stress levels are high, she’s willing to do more than her share.”

“Her performance is stellar.  Her work ethic is incredible.  Her instincts are excellent and her attitude is wonderful”

“She is such a reliable resource within our office with a reputation for accurate answers to tons of inquiries on a regular basis.”

“Most people this smart are not this nice, and most people this nice are not this smart.”

“Daily he comes to work looking forward to the challenge and has a positive and “can do” attitude towards anyone he comes into contact with.”

“each meeting he runs is efficient, adds value to the task at hand, and people are inspired to actually get things done afterward.”

“she’s successful in her position because she understands how to work well and closely with many different personalities”

“She is consistently professional and timely, eager to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities, and cares about the School, its clients, and her colleagues.”

“And she does it all with a smile, even over the phone you can tell she’s smiling.”

I hope you will join us on Monday to honor all of our wonderful professional staff.  It is especially important at a time when pay raises are not available to reward people for their good work, and when people frequently are taking on additional responsibilities.  I want our colleagues to know how much we appreciate them, so come and join the fun.

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