Staff Appreciation Awards: Part II

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Here is the second installment of inspiring accolades for our colleagues who were nominated for this year’s staff appreciation awards.  As I was reading through the large stack of nominations, I decided not to look at the name of the person being nominated.  It was a fun exercise.  In each case I could match a number of people with the qualities described by the nominator.  In some cases I thought I could pinpoint the nominee to a single person, but most of the time I was wrong.  The School is incredibly fortunate to have such an excellent and deeply committed professional staff!

“. . . is effective in organizing and moderating groups, comfortable working in front of or behind the scenes, relays accurate facts and information about multiple topics, and does so with a delightful sense of humor.”

“Without her, I would not succeed in my own work.  She may be quiet, but her actions and work ethic speak volumes.”

“She never hesitates to work late, make an extra trip, or do whatever else is necessary for the program.  Recently, she has even worked through illness, insisting that she work even as we urge her to take some time off.  Every time she does such extra work, her focus remains on either making sure her faculty have what they need or that the clients will have a good experience.”

“ . . . work is in the best traditions of the School.  She is thorough, well-prepared, and objective as well as a pleasure to work with, always ready to pitch in with grace and good humor.”

“He is always prepared, ready to handle anything you throw his way, and always completely professional, helpful and friendly!  I appreciate all that he does to support our programs!  You have an excellent staff!”

“He never complains.  He never has anything negative to say about anyone.  He is extremely flexible and eager to help.  He has a motor that never stops.”

“ . . . does it with grace and ease.  She presents professionalism, intelligence, friendliness and confidence to all who meet her.”

“Her work is meticulous and she is always open to a wide range of ideas.”

“ . . . gets things done.  She comes to meetings and leaves with new items on her to-do list.  She actively engages in the projects that she signs up for, even when they are outside of her job description.”

“She is more than dedicated to her job, she lives and breathes the SOG and lives to help the SOG fulfill its mission.”

“I was VERY impressed with her professional demeanor, and her knowledge and expertise, but I was also very impressed with her warmth and caring for others.”

“She is always dependable, ready to step in and help.  She takes the time to make sure that everything is correct and ready and if there is something that isn’t as it should be, she takes the extra steps to make sure it’s right by ‘show time.’”

“His outstanding customer service skills, writing skills, organizational skills, attention to detail, and fervent ideas for advancing the School’s mission make him worthy of an extra mile award.”

“ . . . is a pleasure to work with not only because of his demeanor but because of his timeliness, efficiency, and capabilities.  He thinks on his feet, is mindful of others, and, most importantly creates quality and professional products for the SOG.”

“His support for our clients ensures that our faculty and staff can focus on service delivery.  He is always patient and proactive in his help, frequently offering new ideas on how to address a recurring problem.”

“We are very lucky to have him here.”

“ . . . is always positive, responsive and very approachable.  She takes great care in communicating to her clients when assignments are complete, when more information is needed or making alternative useful suggestions.”

“ . . . is intelligent, thoughtful, and exceptionally efficient.  When I’ve asked her for help on specific projects, she responds immediately and capable troubleshoots any and all hiccups.  She is a team-player, is well-respected and loved by her colleagues, and always has a positive attitude.”

“ . . . is there with his positive spirit and easy-going manner and you just know that everything will be okay.  It’s a true pleasure to work with him!”

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  1. When I came back to work at the SOG, I went home after the second day and told my husband, “Obviously, this can’t be true, but based on the last two days, every single person at the SOG is extraordinarily competent.” Sometimes it’s easy to forget what much of the world is like–until you try to get customer assistance from Time-Warner, or something like that. The SOG is a haven and a refuge for bright, competent, good-hearted people, and it’s reason #1 on my list of why I feel blessed to work here. What amazes me when I read the comments is not so much that I can’t tell who the person is, but rather that no one comes to mind whom I can immediately exclude. Amazing.

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