Shannon Tufts

Shannon Tufts: Doer, Dreamer and Driver

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Congratulations to our own Shannon Tufts for being selected by Government Technology magazine as one of the Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers for 2010.  Since 2002, the magazine has honored people “who cut through the public sector’s infamous barriers to innovation—tight budgets, organizational inertia, politics as usual, etc.—to reshape government operations for the better.”  Shannon was honored for founding “the nation’s first government CIO certification program, designed to elevate the strategic value of state and local government IT professionals.”  The article also mentions the Certified Educational Chief Technology Officer program “to change how school technology directors and their superintendents think about IT investments.”

These and other programs that Shannon has created do not focus on teaching technology skills.  Instead, she has been a national leader in developing model programs that give technology professionals the leadership and management skills to make strategic IT business decisions.  Given the major public investments in information technology, it is critically important for IT leaders to make the most effective and efficient decisions possible.  Along with her colleagues in the Center for Public Technology, Maurice Ferrell and Stacey Everett, Shannon has been an energetic leader in the field.  She is quoted in the article as saying “I can’t imagine not doing this work.”  That’s certainly good news to hear because I can’t imagine it either.  Kudos to Shannon for a well-deserved honor.

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