Representing Local Governing Boards: A Nice Innovation

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BluesteinMillonziI want to highlight an innovative approach taken by Frayda Bluestein and Kara Millonzi in adding a new wrinkle to an existing program.  Every two years we have offered an orientation program for new city and county attorneys.  It is a four-day program.  Frayda and Kara recognized that a core part of that existing program is relevant to lawyers who represent any local governing board—including airport authorities, ABC boards, and various human services boards.  This year they will offer one day of the four-day course as a separate program for attorneys representing those other boards.

This is a nice idea for a couple of reasons.  Most importantly, it means that a group of attorneys who could benefit from the one-day course will have easy access to the information.  It also addresses a concern raised during our strategic planning.  Some people reported that the School can feel like an exclusive club—it is not always obvious how to become a member, especially if you don’t fit into one of our traditional client categories.  Attorneys representing some of these boards may feel outside the club, and this one-day course may begin to change that perception.

The other reason I like this innovation is because it will generate extra revenue.  Forgive the business terminology, but many of the attorneys representing these other boards offer a new market for our services.  Not only will they pay to attend this course (and benefit accordingly), but they may buy publications and attend other courses.

The easiest path to follow is the one that was followed in the past, and creating a new path always requires extra effort.  Thanks to Frayda and Kara for creating a new path that makes the existing program more broadly available to a new group of attorneys.  Thanks also to Gini Hamilton for her hard work in marketing this program to a new audience.  This is a great example of the need for marketing support as we work to secure our usual audience and expand our programs for new audiences.

This option obviously is not available for all of our courses, but we should explore these kinds of program expansions whenever possible.  How can we leverage our existing work to expand our services (and open the doors of the clubhouse) and generate additional revenue?


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  1. Thanks for mentioning this program, Mike. We’re excited to see who comes! Of course, it’s more work to do something a new way, so I must give credit to another team-member – Jo Ann Brewer, who has worked with Gini, the business office, registration and IT to create a new school in the middle of an existing one, and who is managing the county attorneys conference, the city attorneys conference, the new city and county attorneys conference, and this new program – all occurring between February and April. Thanks also to colleagues Fleming Bell, Chris McLaughlin, and Eileen Youens for agreeing to be innovative on a Saturday in April!

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