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We just heard last week that the following faculty personnel actions were approved by the campus Appointment, Promotions, and Tenure Committee and the Board of Trustees.  Congratulations to everyone.

Promotion and Tenure

MorganJonathan Morgan. Jonathan’s promotion to associate professor with tenure was approved, which is a wonderful accomplishment.  He joined us with practical experience in the economic development field, and as a freshly-minted PhD with lots of promise.  Jonathan has realized that promise.  I am especially grateful for his critically important leadership in shaping our community and economic development program.  Jonathan runs the Basic Economic Development Course, which is part of a national certification program for economic development professionals, and he teaches elected officials and many others about economic development.  He is an excellent teacher.  Jonathan also has produced scholarly research and publications that meet the needs of a broad audience—scholars and practitioners.  The Economic Development Handbook is a widely-used primer on economic development that one of his tenure reviewers described as “a comprehensive, understandable foundation document.”  Jonathan has become a well-respected advisor to policy makers and economic development professionals.  His creativity, analytical skills, and good judgment have made him the go-to person for anyone who wants serious help in thinking about community and economic development issues facing North Carolina.  We are lucky to have Jonathan as a colleague and I encourage you to congratulate him on this accomplishment.



Tyler MulliganMulligWeltyan and Jeff Welty. Tyler and Jeff are off to terrific starts as faculty members in their respective fields, and for that reason each has been reappointed to a second term as assistant professor.  Tyler is doing excellent and creative work.  In addition to very good teaching and writing, he has provided key leadership in creating our proposed new work in the field of development finance.  Jeff has won over the prosecutors with his excellent knowledge and analysis of old and emerging areas of criminal law and procedure.  He also provided first-rate leadership by creating the North Carolina Criminal Law Blog, which provides valuable information to practitioners and has inspired other colleagues at the School.  Jeff and Tyler are setting a new standard for creativity and service in their respective areas of expertise.  Congratulations to each of them.


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