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Colin Quashie is making major progress on the African-American history mural and he expects to finish by July 4.  Here is his mock up of how it will look at the School when it is installed on the wall across from our dining hall.


I encourage you to check out Colin’s website if you are interested in seeing more images from the painting.  Colin has done an especially nice job of explaining the historical significance of the people who are included.  For instance, here is an “anonymous couple” who are intended “to pay tribute to the many anonymous individuals (mostly slaves) that may have played a pivotal role throughout North Carolina history.”


It is fun to know the artist’s rationale behind different aspects of the painting.  “In some way I feel as though these two ‘anonymous’ images are the most important in the whole piece and wanted to ensure that their presence was seen as special. When the counter is completed, they will be the only seated people that will have a formal place setting in front of them along with a small display of Forget-me-not flowers to underscore their presence.”  Colin used a photograph of his mother as the model for the woman.

This project has been in the works for a long time, and it is nice to see that we are in the home stretch.  Special thanks to Ann Simpson for her unwavering commitment to making it happen.

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