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I am pleased to announce that Shannon Tufts has been appointed to a tenure-track position as assistant professor.

Shannon initially was in a lecturer position so that she could focus completely on her administrative responsibilities as Director of the Center for Public Technology.  A lecturer position carries expectations for teaching and advising, but fewer expectations for research and publishing.  Shannon has developed a phenomenal record as a teacher and advisor—she does an extraordinary amount and she does it very well.  Shannon has a PhD and therefore was eligible for a tenure-track appointment.  She already was publishing and she was interested in doing more.  The addition of Maurice Ferrell as Assistant Director and the strong support of Stacey Everett as Program Assistant created the necessary administrative capacity for Shannon to consider moving to a tenure-track position.

Here’s the kicker.  Because it was a newly-created position, Shannon was required to compete against a pool of well-qualified candidates as part of a national search.  Not surprisingly, she was the best candidate—by miles and miles.

Shannon and her colleagues have built the Center into a valuable resource for North Carolina government.  Her energy and work ethic are legendary, but focusing on those qualities alone is misleading.  Shannon’s work is having an impact because she is smart, creative, and dedicated to making a difference.  Her research is yielding new insights about public technology that should be shared with more folks in North Carolina and beyond.  Shannon’s new appointment will make it possible by focusing more of her time on research and writing.  Please join me in congratulating Shannon on her new appointment.


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