Ken Joyner: IAAO Instructor of the Year

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joynerI am so pleased to let you know that our own Ken Joyner has just been honored by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) with their Instructor of the Year Award for 2009.  According to the IAAO website this national award “recognizes instructors who have gone beyond the basic textbook instruction and who have motivated students to learn professional skills that will positively influence their own careers. It is awarded to an instructor who has made significant contributions toward the educational program and who has demonstrated involvement with the association at state, regional, and national levels.”

 Last week we had a retirement reception for Joe Hunt.  Ken did a nice job of talking about Joe’s legendary status within IAAO, including all of the awards Joe received over the course of his distinguished career.  Joe made another important contribution and it is highlighted by this award.  Joe has mentored Ken to carry on the work that he started at the School, and this major national award demonstrates that Ken already is being recognized by his peers for building on that strong tradition.  Ken just received the award this week at the IAAO conference in Louisville.  Please join me in congratulating him when he gets back to Chapel Hill.

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  1. I am not at all surprised that Joe Hunt’s legacy of excellence working with the IAAO continues to be noticed. Congratulations, Ken, for perpetuating this trend!

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