It’s a Crime What I Did to my NC Crimes

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You may not have noticed, but a terrific contest is underway on our website: It’s a Crime What I Did to my NC Crimes. The idea is for people to send photos of their old edition of the book, and the person with the most dog-eared copy will be declared the winner. What a great idea!

The prize for winning our contest is a free copy of the latest edition of North Carolina Crimes. The various Powerball jackpots have generated slightly more publicity, but that is sure to change once a winner in our contest is announced. I assume the person will be forced into hiding to avoid the media frenzy that is guaranteed to follow. Visit the contest site and check out the submissions.

NC Crimes is an indispensable reference manual for people who need to know the elements of criminal offenses. Judges, magistrates, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and law enforcement officers use it all of the time. I see heavily-used copies of the book everywhere when I visit courthouses across the state (which incidentally I love to do).

The contest is perfect because it captures how NC Crimes is used—repeatedly throughout the course of a day by many people, as opposed to being pulled off a shelf and consulted occasionally. Obviously we want our publications to be useful, and this one sets a high standard for accessibility and effectiveness. It also means that there are some nasty looking editions floating around out there.

Copy of Margaret Rathbone, Catawba County Magistrate

Kudos to Jessie Smith for writing the latest edition of the book, which is excellent, and also for coming up with the contest idea. Inspired. Thanks also to Marybeth Bundy and Gini Hamilton for their great work in implementing it.

What’s the next contest? I Should be Arrested for What I Did to my Laws of Arrest, Search and Investigation? There are lots of possibilities because so many of our publications are considered the final word in their field, which means that they are heavily used by public officials across North Carolina. Any suggestions?

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