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I don’t assume that you have been following Colin Quashie’s blog about his progress on our North Carolina African-American history painting.  He is finished and it looks great!


Colin will be at the School on Saturday to install the painting on the wall across from our dining room.  The dedication is scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, July 26.  It is exciting to see this important work coming together.  Colin has designed menus that will serve as a guide to the painting—biographical and historical information on the subjects and the scenes in the background.


Colin also brought in a photographer to take pictures of the entire painting.  They will be stitched together to make a commemorative poster for the dedication.  It is being printed by our incredibly generous friends at the Local Government Federal Credit Union.

Mural Photo

Last week Ann Simpson and Colin paid an important visit to folks at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro.  We wanted to let them know about the painting, solicit their support for it, and see whether we might collaborate in ways that would be mutually beneficial.  The good news is that they loved the painting.  They also brainstormed all sorts of ways for us to partner, which we will continue to explore.  All of us, including Colin, were nervous about how they would react to his concept of making the Greensboro Four chefs in the diner.  They liked the concept.  According to Colin, “Life would have been easier for me if I had jumped out the third floor window head first had she said that she thought my take on the event disrespectful in any way.”

International Civil Rights Center and Museum
International Civil Rights Center and Museum

Thanks again to Ann Simpson for her stalwart work in making this painting possible, and also to Faith Thompson for her commitment to making it happen.  The Local Government Federal Credit Union made our dream a reality, and I’ll be thanking Maurice Smith, the LGFCU’s President, at lunch on Friday.  I can’t wait for the dedication.

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