Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (Part I)

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CB025525It was a lot of fun last week to honor many of our colleagues with staff appreciation awards.  We received a record number of nominations and I shared excerpts from them in a couple of blog posts.

Another significant honor is the Albert and Gladys Hall Coates Teaching Excellence Award, which is given every two years to a faculty member who has demonstrated special effectiveness as a teacher.  The nominations closed last month and the award will be announced later this year for 2010-2012.  The Teaching Development Committee (co-chaired by Cheryl Howell and Greg Allison) received a large number of nominations and they will make a recommendation to me early this summer.  It will not be an easy decision.

Past recipients of the award are Steve Allred, Bob Joyce, Greg Allison, Frayda Bluestein, Jessie Smith, and Rich Ducker.  A pretty impressive group, and any of the people nominated this year would fit nicely in that distinguished company.  I have read all of the nominations and I want to share some excerpts without identifying the nominees.  I will share more of them in a later post.  These nominations are a reminder of how committed our faculty is to great teaching.  One difference from the staff award nominations is that nearly all of these come from public officials—the students who are the recipients of this excellent teaching.  Enjoy.

“ . . . was very attentive to the needs of the students and was very concerned about the effectiveness of the information that was being presented to the participants.  His presentations were very informative and provided valuable information that I have been able to use.”

“He showed that what he does is more than just a job for him.  He genuinely enjoys what he does and strives to meet the needs of the students he serves.  I can think of none more deserving of such an honor.”

“I was so impressed with her knowledge of the subject matter and the passion she continually brought to every session.”

“ . . . took great interest in each and every student in the class and she shared her knowledge of the profession on both personal and professional levels.”

“She has explained relevant terminology in a clear and concise way and used appropriate handouts and slides.”

“She makes it all look easy, which to me demonstrates that she knows her material well and has prepared carefully.  She is thoughtful about her teaching and always open to ideas about improving it.”

“ . . . is a dynamic young woman with an innate ability for dissemination of pertinent information in the correct dosage at the right time, and with the right degree of professionalism.”

“She is witty, she possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge, and she is down to earth.  What a jewel . . .”

“ . . . is an outstanding teacher and consultant . . .”

“ . . . is a true asset to the School of Government.  He offers a unique style of teaching in the classroom.  He keeps the interest of students, he is entertaining and knowledgeable.”

“His teaching style encourages student interaction and group discussions.  In addition, he is easy to talk to and always willing to take any extra time, of his own, to answer questions and concerns.  If he doesn’t know the answer he is honest and will tell you that, but he doesn’t stop there.  He goes and researches, talks with his colleagues and obtains an informed answer to the question.”

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