Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (Part II)

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Here are more excepts from the nominations for the Albert and Gladys Hall Coates Teaching Excellence Award.  Most of these nominations were written by busy public officials, which says a lot about how much they value our teaching.  Their testimony about the quality of our teaching and its impact on their work is wonderful and encouraging.  My experience is that continuing education students have higher expectations than traditional university students about the quality of teaching.  They have less patience with poor teachers, and especially with people who don’t seem to care about teaching.   Faculty members at the School care deeply about being good teachers and they work at improving–even our best teachers always are trying get better.   The following quotes indicate that our hard work is paying off.

“He definitely goes above and beyond the standard and should be honored for his hard work and dedication to teaching.”

“[Clients] ask a lot of questions and she is able to incorporate those questions in her style of teaching.  Using real life experiences enable her to teach in the areas where she knew we needed help.”

“ . . . demonstrates the mission of the SOG in her teaching style, her phone calls and her research of laws, memos from outside agencies . . . which enable her to guide us effectively in carrying out the duties of our office.”

“ . . . went out of the way to assist [new officials] with their questions and in after-hours assistance and training sessions for his pupils who needed help.”

“He has an excellent delivery of course material.  He is able to explain and illustrate complicated concepts and formulae in straightforward and easy to understand terms.”

“Innovation, willingness to change and curiosity are what make [him] such a fabulous teacher . . . In essesence, he’s an idea guy.  What better role model can we have for local government?”

“ . . . literally came in and hit the ground running.  It is always very difficult fitting all the students into her classes as everyone waits to hear what she will tell us.”

“ . . . is a naturally gifted teacher, but that is not to underestimate how hard she works to create effective materials and presentations.  Though soft spoken, she connects comfortably with a wide variety of audiences.”

“Most impressive to me are the teaching materials she has created.  She tends toward charts and visual aids that really help pull together complicated topics and provide long term reference materials.”

“ . . . listens carefully to questions and responds at just the right level for the audience.”

“ . . .has demonstrated his passion for the School of Government’s core mission.  Students and professionals alike are enlightened during his classes while being entertained by his excitement and charm.”

“ . . . classes and lectures have tremendous educational value while also being practical and fun.  The case studies that undergird his classes are current, relevant, and real-world scenarios . . . .”

“She is a master in her field and a person who will find the time to assist you in a friendly manner.”

“ . . . demonstrates on a weekly basis what a great resource he is by answering repeated and numerous questions on every . . . question one encounters in a year on the bench . . . . ”

“ . . . is a shining light among many equally incandescent lights and he will remain an excellent teacher for many decades to come, but recognizing him at an early stage of his teaching career insures his successful trajectory is just that much more stratospheric.”

“His ‘power point’ presentation in a ‘story-telling’ teaching style held my attention during the two days of instruction.  I feel that I left having learned information that I will be able to use in my elected duties over the next four years.”

” . . . understands the issues and the field as well as the theoretical aspects upon which we can draw.”

“He is the ultimate professional . . . [and] his personality makes him extremely approachable in helping us work through various issues and explore solutions.”

“ . . . is an excellent teacher.  His power points are presented in an effective manner, and his handouts are always very beneficial.  His classes are interesting and interactive.”

“His knowledge of and passion for his subject comes through in each class.  And related to this, he cares for each student; he wants to see his students succeed and grasp the presented information.  I was challenged in his class; mediocrity is unacceptable to him.”

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  1. This really is great to hear–not surprising at all, but great to read and have reinforced by our clients. It’s also nice to see that this excellence translates to our online training and instruction efforts as well.

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