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What does that number represent?  That is the percentage of eligible voters in the School of Government who voted in the recent faculty election. The academic unit with the next highest turnout was 58.7% (School of Information and Library Science), and the campus average was only 37.3%.  The voter turnout this year was the highest since 1997.  Here is a link to the complete results.

Nicely done.  It is appropriate that we vote in elections given that we work with all kinds of elected officials and teach young people about the importance of civic participation.  Campus elections can be a challenge because it is so difficult to know the candidates in our large, decentralized university.  Thanks for voting, and our colleague Joe Ferrell, Secretary of the Faculty, obviously was thrilled with our showing.

Special thanks to a number of our folks for being candidates.  John Stephens was elected to the Faculty Athletics Committee, which has been busy this past year.  I hope for everyone’s sake that next year is less eventful.  Two of our colleagues will be alternates for the following committees: Faculty Assembly Delegation (Norma Houston) and Faculty Grievance Committee (Chris McLaughlin).

Now I just need to persuade Provost Carney that the lowest budget cuts should be reserved for those units that demonstrated their deep commitment to Carolina by having the highest turnout for the faculty elections.  That seems reasonable to me.

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