Awards and Recognitions: “I Love Me Some SOG Faculty”

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Our colleagues continue to be recognized by public officials and their peers for outstanding work.

Chris McLaughlin recently was honored by the North Carolina Tax Collectors’ Association with the William A. Campbell Award.  This award was created to honor our own Bill Campbell “for his years of dedicated service to the North Carolina Tax Collectors Association by meeting educational needs and providing guidance through the maze of taxation and bankruptcy law.”  The award is given occasionally “in recognition of exceptional accomplishments in advancing the science and art of property tax collection in North Carolina.

 I heard about the award from Jo Roberson, retired Orange County Tax Collector and recipient of the award in 2010 when it was last given.  Jo’s email indicated that “[y]ou know I love me some SOG faculty” and then pointed out that “folks are beginning to speak of Chris like we spoke of Bill.  The ‘young ones’ are in awe!  That says a lot.”  The North Carolina Association of Assessing Officers also recently adopted a formal resolution expressing appreciation for Chris’s work in the property tax field.  Kudos to Chris for all of his good work, which obviously is much appreciated.

Another award recently was given to Carolyn Boggs, who also deserved to be honored.  She just won the “Planner of the Year” award from the North Carolina Society of Government Meeting Professionals.  It was given to her at their 2012 Annual Education Conference in Wilmington earlier this month.  I enjoy giving Carolyn a hard time, but I would never want our kidding to be misinterpreted.  Carolyn is very good at what she does and it is nice to see her honored by her professional peers. Here is a slideshow from the conference that shows Carolyn with her shiny new award (slide #54).  Thanks to Chris for letting me know about Carolyn’s award.

Ken Joyner was elected earlier this year to the Executive Board of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).  IAAO is “the internationally recognized leader and preeminent source for innovation, education, and research in property appraisal, assessment administration, and property tax policy.”  Ken’s election formally recognizes the leadership role that he has played for some time in the organization.  Joe Hunt preceded Ken in the property tax assessment field, and he was a strong leader within IAAO.  Ken is continuing our tradition of leadership, which is a source of pride for North Carolina tax officials, and also for the School.  Congratulations to Ken.

A cool recognition has come to Jamie Markham.  An entry from World Wide Learn, which is an online directory of education, identified Jamie as one of the Top 50 law professors on Twitter.  “The following top law professors dominate the Twitter-verse, either through the wit, volume or audience. Criteria for selection for this list include the quality of the tweets, the number of followers and the most active users. These professors (in no particular order) have something to say and thanks to Twitter, a growing audience to whom to say it.”  Hat tip to Bob Joyce, who alerted me after being alerted by his son, Kevin.

Please let me know if I’ve missed an award or recognition for you or for one of our colleagues.  It is nice when this happens and all of us can enjoy it.  I continue to be impressed by the work that you do every day, and obviously so are lots of other people.

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