Albert and Gladys: A Great Romance

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Albert and Gladys
Albert and Gladys

It is well known that Albert Coates was devoted to the Institute of Government, and so was Gladys Coates.  It is clear from Howard Covington’s biography that they were just as devoted to each other.  In response to a letter from Albert in which he first expressed his love for her, Gladys answered that “[f]or me you are all people, all things, everything that is beautiful, noble or true.”  She closed with “I will follow your soul as it leads.”  After Albert had talked about marriage and fretted about his mounting debts, he wrote that “I fear life with me will be a stormy life, sweetheart.  Can we create a symphony out of its crashing discords?”  Gladys took a long-planned trip to Europe by herself shortly before they were engaged.  Notwithstanding his pressing concerns about money, “Albert surprised her with bouquets of flowers that were delivered just as she arrived at hotels in London, Rome, and Paris.”  During their courtship, according to Howard Covington, Gladys underlined the following passage in a book called The Art of Attracting Men: “Use every method consistent with maidenly modesty to let men know that you are still alive, who you are, where you can be seen, and what you are worth.”  Albert never had a chance.

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