Academic Leadership Program: Tom Thornburg

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Tom Thornburg has been selected as a Fellow in the Academic Leadership Program sponsored by the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at Carolina.   It is a highly selective program—the 2010-2011 class has eight Fellows for the entire campus.  This is a big deal.  The goal of the program is to help the Fellows “develop leadership skills, clarify their career commitments, build a leadership network within the campus and extend their contacts to other leaders beyond the university.”  Each participant attends a week-long leadership development program at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro.  The Fellows also have a weekly seminar that focuses on critical issues facing the University.  I’ve participated in leading one of these seminars about public service and engagement at Carolina.  I was impressed with the high level of the conversation—they were a thoughtful, positive, and supportive group of colleagues.  There are other activities during the year, and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities does a nice job of bringing the Fellows together for different alumni activities.  This is a great professional development opportunity for Tom, and his experience in connecting with colleagues across the campus will be helpful to the School.  Congratulations to Tom!

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  1. What a great honor that Tom was selected, Mike. I am sure he will represent the School well, as always, and benefit from the experience. Thanks for letting us know.

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