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How about some good budget news for a change?  98.9% is the percentage of our total membership dues for this fiscal year that already have been paid by North Carolina cities and counties.  There are only two counties that have not paid yet—Madison and Swain.  And there are only three municipalities with unpaid dues totaling more than $999—Elizabeth City, Lumberton, and Smithfield.  It is entirely possible that these local governments will pay their membership dues this year, and we will follow up with each of them soon.

The total amount of our dues outstanding is approximately $15,000.  We have received $1,476,474 of our total dues through the end of October, which is fantastic.  Last year we received 99% of the total membership dues, and it is highly likely that we will reach that mark again this year.  In fact, we have a chance to set a new record by collecting 99.7% of the dues requested if the governments listed earlier and a couple of others pay their dues this fiscal year.

That is amazing!  The reason local governments pay their membership dues, even during incredibly difficult financial times like these, is because they value the excellent work done by everyone in this building.  You should be proud of this impressive accomplishment.  Thank you for your hard work and congratulations for making this possible.

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