Changing the World: Steve Jobs

I hardly gave Steve Jobs a thought while he was alive, but like many people I’m fascinated by trying to understand his significance now that he’s gone.  I encourage you to read any of the following pieces if you want to know more about Jobs. [...Read full article » ]

The Value of Coaching

The current issue of The New Yorker has another interesting article by Atul Gawande, a surgeon and a faculty member with the Harvard Medical School. One theme of his writing has been the use of different strategies for improving professional performance. The Checklist [...Read full article » ]

Dave Owens Receives Edward Kidder Graham Faculty Service Award

The Edward Kidder Graham Faculty Service Award is a new award that will be conferred for the first time on this upcoming University Day, October 12. Our own Dave Owens will be the first recipient. [...Read full article » ]

You Are Never Found Wanting

Whenever I spend time with public officials, it is inevitable that someone will say how valuable they find your work.  It happens a lot.  For example, it happened last Friday in Concord at the NC Association of County Commissioners Conference.  A county commissioner from Guilford [...Read full article » ]

Tina Fey’s Advice on Communication and Innovation

Tina Fey’s new book, Bossypants, is smart and funny, which is not surprising. In the unlikely event she wants to pursue a different career, she has great potential as a management consultant. [...Read full article » ]

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 25) (Tyler Mulligan)

Tyler Mulligan was involved in the last round of lunches and he provided an update on a project that the Development Finance Initiative is doing for the NC Department of Commerce.  It is a complicated project and this post draws heavily (okay, very heavily) on a summary and pictures provided by Tyler. In addition to

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 24) (Norma Houston)

Norma will roll out field training in July on these contracting issues. So far there have been 710 approved projects for federal funding and there are expected to be between 3,500 and 4,000 total projects. Norma’s training will build on lessons learned from actual de-obligations in the hope of avoiding a similar fate for projects from Hurricane Matthew.

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 23) (Brian Dabson)

A major focus for Brian in recent years has been in the field of community vulnerability and resilience. He has written a number of posts about this important concept for the School’s Community Economic Development in North Carolina and Beyond blog. Writing after Hurricane Matthew in a post titled “Strengthening Resilience in North Carolina’s Communities,” Brian noted that there had been a number of improvements after Hurricane Floyd in 1999, but it “was not sufficient to protect many communities from devastating floods, or to convince residents and businesses to take greater responsibility for their own resilience in the face of disastrous events.”

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 22) (Shannon Tufts)

We had another round of lunches a few weeks ago.  This one included Brian Dabson, Tyler Mulligan, Shannon Tufts, and Norma Houston.  It was enjoyable, as always, and I learned a lot.  This post describes what Shannon shared with the group, and I’ll summarize the others in the next few days. Shannon started by talking

The Opioid Crisis

In 2014, drug overdoses became the leading cause of accidental death in North Carolina—surpassing motor vehicle deaths. I still am stunned by that fact. The rate of overdose deaths has increased by 234% since 1999.

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 21) (Jonathan Morgan)

Jonathan is taking the lead on an in-depth case study of McDowell County, particularly its efforts to address food and nutrition issues. Part of HPNC’s place-based strategy is to build local leadership capacity that will continue when the program is over.

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 20) (Jeff Hughes)

EFC responded to a competitive request for proposals and won a research contract to review the applicable law on this subject in all 50 states. The report identified examples of robust assistance programs in states with more flexible laws, and it identified creative options for providing assistance in states with more restrictive laws.

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 19) (Rick Morse)

The most recent lunch in this series included Rick Morse, who talked about working on a new book that was just released—Citizens Academy Handbook.  One part of Rick’s ongoing research is civic engagement, and a few years ago he started learning about citizens academies as a new and innovative approach to civic engagement by a

Faculty Lunches with the Dean (No. 18) (John Rubin)

ohn and Emily are doing excellent work in terms of addressing racial equity issues in the criminal justice system. The newest ZSR grant is focused on building local capacity to address these issues, which seems like an important strategy for bringing about systemic change on these issues.

CUPSO Conference in Delaware

I can imagine that a training division at the School under the right leadership could provide instructional support for faculty and offer first-rate training that is needed and currently unavailable.